Main features

Multiple notification types

As offers come and go very fast, it’s important that they are brought to your attention in the shortest time. Moto Scanner displays pop-up notifications every time a car is found but you don’t always have to be in front of your computer to stay updated with the latest offers. Moto Scanner also comes with a feature which enables it to forward information via SMS and email and in turn allowing you to check-up on an offer from anywhere you are.

An efficient means of locating cars that are for sale

In closing, considering the simple and straightforward manner in which Moto Scanner is able to locate and provide the information, it’s safe to say that if you’re looking to buy a car, it can definitely help you find a good offer.

Search for a car by specific parameters

Since automotive markets are full with a wide range of models from different manufacturers, Moto Scanner allows you to filter your search in order to obtain the best and fastest possible results. You are able to create search tasks and define them by vehicle kind, make and model, registration date, fuel type consumption, gearbox, engine capacity and power. It’s also possible to set price and mileage ranges, along with the country and the auto market to look into. The above mentioned parameters don’t all need to be defined for the search task to properly work. You can choose any single one you like or combine them.

Moto Scanner allows you searching for cars, motorcycles, trucks, trailers, vans, tractors, buses.

A clear way of presenting the results in the list. No need to open the automotive website to see an ads, all you need you will see in one Moto Scanner window.

Moto Scanner searches for vehicles on the,,,, ,,,,,, portals and more

Custom notification text. You can use a constants to build you own hint, e-mail or sms message text.

No annoying notifications. You can leave an application running in the background. You will be notified when a new car appear.

  • Fast and intelligent search engine. Results are presented a few seconds after the car appear on the website.
  • A few notifications channels: SMS, e-mail, sound signal or tray hint
  • The application automatically and invisibly to the user updates the modules for analyzing automotive portals.
  • Automatic currency exchange rates synchronization. You can enter the vehicle price in any currency.